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Wholesale & Drop Shipping


To2c.com  welcome Dropshipping customers and  bulk order customers!

We are the professional phone supplier and also one of the best online store in Shenzhen,  We make sure our phone good quality and 100% original, and the most favorable price. We supply drop shipping service, we can ship the products to your customer directly. We promise that we will not include any to2c.com company information in the parcel so that the customer thought that just you ship to him.

If we prove that you are the drop shipper, then we will start our business, still turn a profit. We will depend on the wholesale quantity from customer, and according to Dropshipping and establish our grade. So there will have different discount for different levels of customers. such as 0.5%, 0.6%, 0.7%, 0.8%, 0.9%,1%,1.1%,1.2%,1.3%,1.4%, and 1.5% discount for customer. By the way, we will supply our best service for you too.

Our price and products are very competitive, and we have lots of customers from various countries in the world. They trust us have high quality products, and good sale support! What’s more. we will try our best arrange the shipment asap after you paid the order. You pay less for your inventory, and you can offer  your customers competitive prices. then you will have good sale. and have Good profit. We send to your customers directly. safe, quickly, We work, you profit! Come on!

Bulk order or Dropship ,please contact our service staff directly , thanks.